Ever eaten at Roxie’s? Roxie Food Center is a local corner store in the Mission Terrace section of San Francisco.  It has the usual amenities of a corner store: junk food on the shelves, really, REALLY, old liquor for sale, and not much room to walk around.  The big difference about Roxie’s from other corner stores is their ability to make amazing sandwiches.

Now, these aren’t really groundbreaking, imaginative sandwiches like Ike’s place.  These are the normal, run-of-the-mill sandwiches.  You order what size sandwich you want, your meat, your condiments and if you want it toasted or not.  Pretty basic.  Sometimes you need this kind of sandwich in your life.  I think the factor that makes these sandwiches stand out are how thin they slice their meat and how much they pile on.  Also their Dutch Crunch bread is the best I’ve ever had.  Bar none.

I usually order a pretty basic sandwich when I go to Roxie’s.  Turkey, american cheese, lettuce and mayo only, served hot on dutch crunch.  Simple yet delicious.  Maybe it is delicious because I have been eating at Roxie’s since high school.  I don’t think it’s just me, though.  They have a four and a half star rating on Yelp with over 600 reviews.  Right now, I think Roxie’s is more of a neighborhood spot.  I’m not too sure they get a lot of hipsters from the Mission or bros from the Marina into their shop.  Yet, I’m not too sure hipsters or bros would appreciate the kind of place Roxies is. Without compost bins on site or fellow bros hanging outside neither demographic would probably give it a shot.  But that is the way Roxie Food Center likes I think.  They are the best local corner store.

Turkey Sandwich

Roxie’s definitely needs to get more attention, though.  The place is run by two incredibly nice guys that have been doing this for awhile.  They are located on San Jose Ave. between Havelock St. and Santa Ynez Ave.

Check them out soon.

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