Avedano’s Market

Quite simply, Avedano’s Holly Park Market makes the best panini’s EVER.

Located on Cortland St. in Bernal Heights, Avedano’s is first and foremost a meat shop.  However, they also make delicious panini’s.  Bernal Heights isn’t really known as a popular place around town but there are plenty of fantastic places up on Cortland Street.  Avedano’s is the place to start.

If you can’t read the sign…”Soul is a ham hock in your cornflakes.”

I ordered the Smokey Mo panini.  Smoked chicken, bacon, pepperoncini’s, swiss cheese, jalapeño jelly and mayonnaise on ciabatta bread.  Heaven in your mouth.  The chicken is pulled from the bone and stays moist.  The bacon is crispy and flavorful.  The ciabatta bread in fresh and crunchy.  The jalapeño jelly is what makes this sandwich, though.  A perfect blend of sweet and spicy already created in one simple paste.  Add that to the savory bacon and add a little more spice from the pepperoncini’s and, in my opinion, you have one of the best sandwiches in the city.  I could literally eat this sandwich once a day.

Smokey Mo


Seriously, this place needs to blow up.

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