Off the Cove

Last week I was lucky enough to attend Matt Cain’s perfect game.  It was the first perfect game in the 129 years of Giants baseball, even dating back to when they were the New York City Gothams.  That’s like the 1800′s people.

But this isn’t a post about how brilliant his performance was.  This post is about the event before the once-in-a-lifetime game.

Off the Cove is a pre-game event the Giants, in conjunction with Off The Grid, put on before the June 13th game.  A bunch of food trucks parked near the yard for fans to enjoy.  If you are thinking that sounds just like Off The Grid, you are correct.  It is.

Now to the food.  My friend and I had to have Sam’s Chowder Mobile.  I have had Sam’s clam chowder before.  This time I came for the Lobster Roll.

Yes.  Let it sink in.

This probably is the definition of glory in your mouth.

The lobster was simply cooked in butter, dropped in a super soft roll that absorbed the butter gracefully, sprinkled with chopped celery for some crunch, and then devoured by my eyes, teeth, tongue throat and stomach acids.  They all loved it.  It’s not going to wow you with flavor but you know what you are getting and they do a phenomenal job giving you exactly what you want.  Buttery heaven.

I had been wanting to try this phenomenon for three straight years and I finally was able to do so on the second best night of being a giants fan.

We also had to try the Shrimp Po’ Boy.  Laced with a delicious remoulade, this lightly battered shrimp delight was also delicious.  I thought it was slightly over-sauced.  I won’t complain too much, though.

A perfect way to start a perfect game.

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