Clare’s Deli & Late Night Kitchen

If you don’t know Clare’s Deli, you need to know.  Really good sandwiches.

When I went I had to get two sandwiches.  I ordered The Grinder and the Pulled Pork sandwiches.

The Grinder is hot meatballs, house marinara, on a french roll with provolone AND ricotta cheeses.  The meatballs seemed frozen and not fresh and were pretty small.  The marinara was great, though, and the two cheeses made it really great.  The ricotta, especially, was a nice addition on this sandwich.  I have never had ricotta on a meatball sandwich and it turned it into like a meatball, lasagna sandwich.  The bread was fresh, the sauce tasty, if the meatballs were fresh it would have made it exceptionally great.

The pulled pork sandwich was an exceptionally great sandwich.  The pulled pork is house made on a french roll with jalapeño cole slaw and chicharrones.  The pork was a little dry but the jalapeño cole slaw was a revelation.  Crunchy, spicy, wet, all created different sensations in my mouth and none went unnoticed.  The chicharrones were a little soaked from the slaw but good nonetheless.  Finally, the fresh bread was a dutch crunch that held everything together and soaked up the juices just enough that it wasn’t soggy yet still took in all the flavors.

They are open late night, so grab a few drinks at the 500 Club next door and then a delicious meal at Clare’s to soak it all up.

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